Fender Telecaster Guitar Review, Price, and How to Pick the Right One 

 February 19, 2022

By  Cynthia Swearingen

Rock out like your favorite guitarist with the iconic Fender Telecaster Guitar, which includes time honored features that even some of the world’s most acclaimed performers and artists, like Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Barney Hopnagel, and more have come to love.

Whether your genre is rock’n’roll, country, western, jazz, rhythm and blues, and more, there is a Fender Telecaster Guitar for you. In fact, the following Fender Telecaster review will help you come to better understand what makes this legendary guitar one of the most preferred guitars in the industry.

Fender Telecaster Features

Fender Telecaster Vintage model from 1958
American Vintage ’58 Fender Telecaster
  • String-through-body bridge for easy string adjust, string spacing, and durability;
  • Dual single-coil pickings at the bridge and neck for a wide range of tones;
  • Single cutaway body for durability and ease of play;
  • Bolt-on neck joint;
  • Two single-coils pickups;
  • 25.5 inch scale.

Fender Telecaster General Information


The Fender Telecaster Guitar is expertly crafted using the finest craftsmanship in addition to the most practical parts and wood, like Alder, Maple, and Poplar, for a perfectly portioned, well balanced, impeccably designed guitar capable of providing a wide range of sounds.

These guitars feature a contoured body and contoured arm rests for a comfortable fit against your body even after hours of play. Furthermore, the necks are cut in the original Leo Fender shape, then altered to suit your specific taste. The body of the guitar can be specially designed to include your own custom paint or finish. It can even include dents and scratches for a more worn look. And since Fender guitars contain interchangeable parts, you never have to worry about restoring smashed parts.

You can custom craft your own body via the Mod Shop. It enables you to custom design your own Fender guitar using your mobile device, laptop, and preferred retailer. Alternatively, you can utilize the Fender Custom Shop where you can consult with a Custom Shop Dealer to create the guitar of your dreams via world class luthiers in Corona, California for the ultimate Fender experience.

Fender Telecaster Classic Player
Classic Player Baja Fender Telecaster


Fender Telecaster Guitars are world renowned for their penetrating, cutting sound that is well capable of filling a room or cutting through drums, bass, and other hard hitting instruments on stage.

The key to the Fender Telecaster’s sound lies in Fender’s original machinery, practical wood selection, rocking bridge block, and quality pickups. Some of which are even requested and designed by none other than famed pickup maker Abigail Ybarra herself.

Fender Telecaster Prices

Fender Telecaster Guitars vary in style and price; however, some of the most popular styles and prices include:

  • Standard. Priced at $599.00, you can purchase it from Amazon.com.
  • Classic Player. Coming in at $539.00, you can find it on Amazon.com.
  • Blacktop, Modern PlayerPriced at $1,349.00 on Amazon.com.
  • American Deluxe. A bit pricier option, it costs $1,699.99; available for purchase on Amazon.com.
  • Deluxe Telecaster. With a price tag of $824.14, you can buy it from Amazon.com.
  • American Standard. Available for $1,199.99 on Amazon.com.
  • American Vintage. Costs $999.99 on Amazon.com.
  • Artist Series. The highest priced on our list, it comes in at $6,950.00; purchasable from Amazon.com.
  • Custom Shop. Priced at 3,300.00, you ca purchase it from Amazon.com.
  • American Special models. Coming in at $1,499.99, you can find it at Amazon.com.

How to Choose Your Fender Telecaster Model


The Standard Fender Telecaster Guitar features an elegant yet affordable design with all the legendary features that Fender enthusiasts adore, including Adler wood body, C shape neck, and more. It’s just perfect for the beginner looking to gain an appreciation of these legendary instruments.

Classic Player

The Classic Player is just perfect for the guitarists seeking a classic design with contemporary upgrades such as a modern neck design, custom pick ups, special tone circuitry, and more.

Blacktop, Modern Player

The Modern Player Telecaster is the perfect instrument for the intense player seeking a raw sound and a more aggressive look. It features medium jumbo frets, a 9.5 radius, and vintage Alinco humbucking neck and bridge pickups for a wide range of raw sounds and updated features like a chrome pickup cover for a modern look.

Deluxe Telecaster

The Deluxe Nashville Tele, one of Fender’s Deluxe Telecaster models, is the perfect companion for the country music lover at heart.It includes down-home features like neck and bridge vintage noiseless tele pick ups, a middle noiseless vintage strat pickup, and five-way-Strat-o-Tone-switching. It was designed in the studios of Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee.

American Standard

The American Standard is just perfect for guitarists looking to play a wide range of tunes from Blues to Pop to Country, and even Rock. It features a Texas Special Tele pickup, jumbo frets, a satin finished neck, and more for an upbeat, modern sound. The Grease Bucket Tone Circuit provides high frequency sound without additional bass.

American Vintage

The American Vintage series brings Fender heritage and history to new life with original 1952 style tooling and classic features like recessed-top “barrel” switch tip knurled chrome control knobs, specially voiced pickups, and more. It’s just perfect for the player who prefers pure Fender vintage style.

American Deluxe

The American Deluxe is for those who prefer the hum-free tone of the 60’s and 70’s. Furthermore, some models, such as the 2017 Limited Edition American Professional Mahogany Tele Deluxe Shawbucker contains actual wood rescued from various natural disaster areas. This guitar is most loved for its incredible balance, sound, and clarity and cozy look of mahogany,

Artist Series

Channel your favorite guitarist with Fender’s Artist Series guitars. It features ode spewing guitars both named and designed after your favorite famed artists and their instruments. This includes Jimmy Hendrix, U2’s guitarist The Edge, and others.

Custom Shop

Fender’s Custom Shop guitars enable you to invest in custom limited edition guitars in various styles. This is just perfect for the guitar collector.

American Special

This is just perfect for the guitarist who prefers contemporary features like dual Texas pickups, special circuitry, and more, combined with timeless Fender style for a classic look with modern tone.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you have gained a sense of the spirit and fun attached to Fender guitars. These are undoubtedly created for the serious guitarists at heart. If you are new to Fender guitars, the Fender Telecaster Guitar, with its unique combination of features, offers a good place to start in order to fine-tune your craft, while gaining an appreciation of these legendary instruments.

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