Events and Opportunities at a Guitar Center Near Me 

 June 7, 2022

By  Cynthia Swearingen

Guitar Center doesn’t just sell picks and songbooks. One of the coolest things about Guitar Center is that it’s not just a retail shop – it’s a center for the musical community.

Guitar Centers all across the United States are constantly hosting special events, classes, and even exhibitions or competitions.

If you’re a musician in need of something fun to do, check out this list of events for more information, then Google “Guitar Center near me” to find your closest Guitar Center.

Take a Workshop at Your Local Guitar Center Near Me – or YOU!

Want to learn more about your instrument, your pedal, or pretty much any topic having to do with being a musician in the modern age? Most Guitar Centers have a calendar of events that you can partake in, including classes and workshops.

Guitar Center has offered Guitar Community Classes for Kids, getting the kids hooked young on music and the joy of learning and mastering a song. They have guitar classes for women, focused on instilling confidence and fun in a safe, comfortable environment.

They offer a “Pedal Playground” class where engineers and designers show you some custom guitar effects you can apply to your next jam session.

They even offer online courses on a number of topics, so take a peek at your local Guitar Center’s website for more information.

Learn to Record Music

Always wanted to be a board op, to mix live music, record it, and then produce it with software like ProTools and Ableton?

Many Guitar Centers offer a comprehensive recording curriculum for beginners and budding experts alike, taught by certified and qualified instructors.

If you’ve ever wanted to edit music, learn how to use cool plug-ins for new effects, to record and write your own music, we highly recommend checking out your local Guitar Centers to see if they have the educational program that’s right for you.

Join a Jam Night

Many Guitar Centers host a frequent “Jam Night,” which is designed to get musicians together, having fun, and messing around with music in a consequence and judgment-free environment. On Jam Night’s, the motto is basically “If You Make a Mistake, Make it Loud.”

You can swap instruments, riff lyrics, or just rock a solo whenever it feels right. Performing is difficult, especially for the wallflowers among us, so getting in a little real, live-fire exercise can do wonders for your confidence.

Enter the Rockshow Program

Imagine a dating site for finding band members, and you’re halfway to understanding the Rockshow program that Guitar Center offers.

Once you sign up, the instructors find other musicians who they think are compatible with your style, sound, or attitude. From there, they put bands together and teach them how to play together as a group.

For $149, depending on where you are, you get a week of two-hour sessions working with your band. You learn songs, learn to jam, and find out how to fit into each other’s sound. Then, at the end of the week, you actually perform live with your band.

Offload Your Used Gear

Have some old guitars, drumkits, or other equipment that would fit well in the Guitar Center used section? Swing by the Guitar Center website and fill out their used gear form. If it’s something they’re after, they’ll contact you about your gear.    

As long as the gear is 100% functional, is something Guitar Center sells (think “Guitar Center Guitars” and not “Used Kayak”), then they’ll probably take it and give you cash.

Need Help Finding a Guitar Center?

In which case, there are a number of tools you can use to help you find what you need, whether it’s a new guitar, some strings, an electronic drumset, or just a fancy new cowbell.

You could just search for “music stores near me,” of course, but why not go right to the horse’s mouth?

Guitar Center’s Store Finder asks for your location and will give you tons of options around your area and point your way to the nearest store. You can also filter the results by distance or even service.

Their service filters include lessons, repairs, vintage, rentals, lighting, and their Destination Drum Shop. Not every Guitar Center has every service, so it’s best to use these filters to make sure the store has what you need before you make the drive.

With over 269 locations around the US, you should be able to find quite a few near you without too much hassle. And, they’ll even list the Guitar Center hours of the shops near you.

Improve Your Craft and Make Connections

Playing alone in a darkened room has a kind of old-school romance to it, there’s no doubt.

But if you want to perform, to play in a band, sharpen your skills or just have a great time and meet some new people – try hitting up your local Guitar Center.

So – Google “Guitar Center near me” to find your closest Guitar Center and give it a shot. All you have to lose are your hangups.

Cynthia Swearingen

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