How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost? Prepare to Jam 

 September 11, 2022

By  Cynthia

Do you want to learn guitar but don’t have a lot of money? You may wonder: How much do guitar lessons cost?

While private lessons can be expensive, you can learn guitar online for much less. Not only can you still learn the instrument, but you can enjoy it and have control over what and when you learn.

Then, you can improve your skills despite a busy schedule.

Why Learn Guitar Online

Learning guitar online can combine the benefits of teaching yourself while taking lessons with a private teacher. You can have the guidance you need to make progress without having to schedule lessons each week.

Online guitar lessons offer many advantages for beginners and advanced players alike. Consider some of the reasons why you might want to learn guitar online.


While you can choose an in-person guitar teacher, your options aren’t as vast as online. If you take online guitar lessons, you can choose from teachers all over the world.

You can also decide which guitar lessons or courses you want to take. Whether you want to learn to play rock music or folk music, you can focus on your interests.

If you take lessons in person, your teacher may not know much about your area of interest.

However, a quick Google search can reveal dozens of guitar lessons and courses available. You can easily find something that suits your interests and needs.


Depending on the teacher, they may have a specific way they want to teach. If you don’t learn the same way, you may not have much fun in your lessons. However, you can have more control when learning guitar online.

You can learn guitar as fast or as slow as you want. If you have more time to learn one day, you can go through more lessons. And if you’re busy with work the next week, you can scale back your lessons.

Going through self-paced guitar courses and lessons gives you more control than you may have in private lessons.

Then, you can enjoy the benefits of learning an instrument. However, you don’t have to stress yourself out or feel bad if you can’t practice one day.


If you have a busy schedule, learning guitar online is perfect for you. When you take lessons in person, you will need to travel to your teacher’s home or studio. You may also need to commit to lessons at the same time each week.

Not only does learning guitar online mean you can learn from anywhere, but you can learn at any time. If your schedule changes, you can still keep up with your guitar playing.

You can pull up a guitar lesson or course when you have time. There’s no need to reschedule lessons with a teacher.


Online guitar lessons can be cheaper than taking private lessons in person. How much do guitar lessons cost? Depending on where you live, one private lesson can cost $20 to $50 or more.

However, the monthly subscription for an online guitar lesson platform can be more affordable. You can get access to just as many resources to help you. But you don’t have to pay for one-on-one time with an instructor.

Since there are tons of guitar lessons available, you can find some that help you learn more easily. And saving money on your lessons means you can also spend a bit more to buy a guitar for your lessons.

Are Paid Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?

You may wonder if you should pay for online guitar lessons when you can watch YouTube tutorials for free. Of course, YouTube is a great resource, and it can help you decide if you want to play the guitar.

However, YouTube lets anyone post videos. You can find tutorials from people who just started playing the guitar.

How much do guitar lessons cost? They can be expensive, but online lessons are worth it.

Paying for online lessons means you can learn from professionals with experience. You can also learn from different teachers, which isn’t always possible with traditional lessons.

Best Websites to Learn Guitar

Now that you understand the benefits of paying for online guitar lessons consider which website to use. You can find guitar lessons all over the internet, so here are some of the best websites to check out.


JamPlay is a platform with lessons from over 100 teachers. The teachers are all professional guitar players, so you can learn from the best.

Together, the teachers have created over 450 lessons across 20 genres, so there’s something for everyone. You can watch courses on demand and access live lessons. Your membership also comes with access to reviews from the teachers to get personal feedback.

JamPlay also provides a library with more than 950,000 chords to help you learn to play the guitar outside of lessons. You can also download their app to your smartphone or TV to learn anywhere.

As you learn, you can also take advantage of the tuner and metronome so that you can stay in tune and in time.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has been offering guitar lessons since 1998, and the website has given over 3 million lessons in that time. You can start with their Core Learning System to learn guitar basics.

After you complete their two guitar fundamentals levels, you can choose between blues, country, and rock styles. Each style also has two levels, so you can focus on the genre that interests you.

The website also features over 1,000 songs that you can learn on guitar from artists like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and The White Stripes. They also add more songs each week, so you can expand your musical horizons.

You can customize your learning to focus on your favorite songs or artists. That way, you can keep things interesting to stay motivated as you learn.


Another platform to consider is ArtistsWorks. The website offers lessons for almost any instrument, so you can use it to learn guitar as well as banjo or mandolin.

When it comes to guitar lessons, the platform has lessons from 10 guitar teachers across different genres. You can learn anything from rock to classical to blues. Lessons are also available for both acoustic and electric guitar.

You can choose lessons that fit your current playing ability, and you can learn more advanced techniques from the website. The lesson videos are available to stream on your time. You can even watch the videos in slow motion or loop them to better learn the material.

If you want to learn blues guitar, you can even partake in a certification program from ArtistsWorks. Then, you can show off your accomplishment even when you aren’t playing.


TrueFire offers many features that can make learning guitar online easy and enjoyable. You can choose from thousands of lessons, and the teachers include session musicians and Grammy winners.

As you go through a lesson, you can watch the interactive synced tab to follow along. You can also slow the lesson down or loop it to repeat something. And the lessons even offer multiple angles, so you can make sure your technique is correct.

If you want more guidance with your lessons, you can follow a learning path that will take you through more advanced concepts. You can also track your progress along the way.

TrueFire even provides access to a metronome, tuner, and chord charts. That way, you can reference chords and make sure you keep time when you play.

Fender Play

What better way to learn guitar online than from one of the top guitar makers? Fender Play offers online lessons to help you improve your playing by focusing on learning songs instead of music concepts.

You can choose songs you like so that you can love what you learn, and you can choose from a huge library. Fender also adds songs regularly, so you can check back if you don’t see your favorite song yet.

The lessons take things step-by-step so that you can build a nice foundation for your playing. You can also watch the lessons anywhere, so you can control when you want to practice.

With both monthly and annual subscriptions, Fender Play is a great option for many players.

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

Before you choose which lesson website to use, you should consider the cost of each platform. While they’re all more affordable than individual lessons, some may be a better option for your wallet than others.

JamPlay costs $19.95 per month, while an annual subscription costs $159.95. If you want access to lessons offline or to get a consultation, you can pay $299.95 per year.

Guitar Tricks charges $19.95 per month for a membership. You can also get an annual membership for $179.95 per year.

ArtistsWorks offers plans lasting 3, 6, and 12 months. A 3-month plan costs $35 per month, while a 6-month subscription is $30 a month. Meanwhile, the annual plan comes to $23.25 per month.

TrueFire costs $29 per month for a monthly subscription. If you commit to an annual plan, it will cost $249 each year.

Fender Play will cost you $9.99 per month. The annual cost is only $89.99 a year.

Do they offer a free trial?

If you aren’t sure which website will work best for you, you can test a few of them out.

JamPlay offers a one-week trial, so you can test it out without any risk. Guitar Tricks and Fender Play offer two-week trials.

Even though ArtistsWorks and TrueFire don’t have free trials, you can start with a shorter membership. Then, you can move to an annual plan later to save money if you like the platform.

Start Shredding

So, how much do guitar lessons cost? Private lessons cost a lot, but online websites can help you save money.

The best websites to learn guitar online offer similar features but may not have the same teachers or lessons.

If you want to learn from Grammy winners or other high-profile, you can’t go wrong with these platforms. Then, you can improve your skills on your own time.


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