Full JamPlay Review: Learn to Play Guitar From Home 

 August 30, 2022

By  Cynthia

Do you want to become a professional guitar player? What about just play for fun? Then you should check out our JamPlay review.

JamPlay is an excellent platform for guitar players of all levels. It offers plenty of lessons on fundamentals, songs, and advanced techniques. That way, you are able to enjoy learning the guitar at your own pace.

Format Overview

The JamPlay website has a sleek design and is easy to use. Just sign up or log in right from the home page and quickly access your account.

Once you log in, you can view your latest lessons and your progress report. And search for new lessons, access the community page, and check out other tools.

When you select a lesson, watch the video all the way through. If you want to focus on one particular part of the lesson, you can use the Scene Selection tool. You also have the option to check out other lessons from the same teacher.

The lesson page also has the notation and guitar tablature to help you learn the song. Take notes during the lesson or leave a comment or question if you need to. And if you want to watch the lesson anywhere, download it.

Not only that, you can slow down the video playback rate to watch the teacher and see what they’re doing. If you want to focus on one thing, use the looping feature.

The videos feature different angles to help you learn how to place your hands and fingers. Teachers record the videos in a professional studio using high-definition video, so they’re easy to watch.

And to help you learn, simply download the guitar TAB and print it off or use the interactive version to help you hear the notes.

Beginner Lessons

If you’re a beginner, JamPlay is an excellent place to learn. Start with JamPlay’s Phase 1, which includes fundamental lessons to help you get playing. Lessons are available for both acoustic and electric guitar.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start with one specific lesson. Read course descriptions and learn about the different teachers, so you can choose a teacher you think you’ll like.

JamPlay offers lessons in different styles, which gives you the chance to choose how you learn best. Some of the beginner lessons even take you through fairly advanced techniques.

If your child wants to learn the guitar, JamPlay has lessons for younger players. But you can also learn with JamPlay as an adult. Choose from lessons that use the acoustic or electric guitar. Then focus on concepts that interest you.

Lessons for advanced players

You don’t have to stop using JamPlay once you advance. This JamPlay review will show you that there are multiple phases. After you finish your beginner lessons, you can learn more difficult songs and techniques.

Lessons are available in all genres, from metal to jazz to rock. So, go through the lessons for one playing style, or branch out and learn more songs.

In these lessons, learn about alternate tunings, different fingerpicking patterns, and more. You can also learn about songwriting to create your own songs.

As with beginner lessons, you can choose from different teachers. That allows you to pick experts who focus on the genre or technique you want to learn.

Variety of Styles

JamPlay has lessons covering over 20 genres. The lessons cover both individual songs and techniques you could apply to different songs for that particular style. And the lessons build on the beginner lessons that JamPlay offers.

Consider some of the genres available with JamPlay:

  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Rock

Whether you want to focus on acoustic or electric guitar, pick a genre or two for you. Then expand your skills and learn new techniques and songs.

Bass Lessons

If you want to learn the bass first or in addition to guitar, you can do so with JamPlay. The bass lessons follow a similar format to the guitar lessons, with different camera angles and interactive features, like TABs.

Stream the lessons from your computer or mobile device, so you can learn anywhere. Unfortunately, you will need to purchase one of the higher-tier subscriptions to get access to the bass lessons.

If you do get access, it can be a great way to teach yourself more about the bass. Then, apply those skills to songwriting or general guitar playing.

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Artist Series

If you want to learn more about a particular guitarist’s style, check out JamPlay’s Artist Series. The series includes groups of lessons from some of the top teachers. They go through their individual playing styles.

Lessons also focus on players that aren’t teaching on JamPlay. That way, you still learn to play like other well-known guitarists.

If you want to learn live, do that as part of the Artist Series. JamPlay features multiple live courses active at a given time. Just log on and watch the videos in realtime.

During the live course, you have the ability to ask the instructor questions and get more help than with a recording. The lessons stay up in an archive, so you can watch them later.


JamPlay has lessons from over 100 teachers, so it’s possible to find someone you want to learn from. You can even find lessons from the guitar players from the bands who recorded the song you want to learn.

A JamPlay membership gives you access to all of their teachers, so you don’t have to pay extra. Doing so helps you learn from different people to diversify your skills as a player.

JamPlay works with professionals from each genre they offer. Whether you want to learn blues, metal, or something in between, there’s a teacher for you.


JamPlay review

While learning guitar technique is important, you want to put it into practice with songs. Our JamPlay review can’t cover all of the songs available because there are hundreds.

Choose from songs in various styles and at different levels because you don’t have to wait until you advance before playing something. The songs include interactive TABs, so you can see and hear what you’re supposed to play.

Keep in mind, while the platform has some great artists, they don’t have every song.

If you want to learn songs from more artists, you may want to check out a platform like Guitar Tricks. The list of bands on JamPlay is shorter compared to some other options.

Free Lessons

If you want to do your own initial JamPlay review, check out some free lessons. Then, see if you like the platform before you sign up for a subscription.

Many of the free lessons focus on beginner topics to get you started. If you like how those lessons go, then sign up to get access to all of the lessons on JamPlay.

Unfortunately, the free lessons may not help if you have experience playing. But there’s a free trial to consider trying (more on that later).

Web-Based Tools

While a good variety of guitar lessons can help you learn the instrument, lessons aren’t always enough. Fortunately, JamPlay offers a few tools to support your playing.

For example, use the online metronome to make sure you don’t speed up or slow down during your practice. The platform also has an online tuner for the guitar and a different one for the bass. That way, your instrument will always be in key.

JamPlay also has a chord finder and chord chart. Use that feature to find chords with different tunings, such as standard, open, and drop tunings.

And if games are your jam, those are available to help you learn music theory. Then, you can apply that knowledge to the songs you learn.

Mobile Apps

If you’re considering a JamPlay review against other websites, like Fender Play, consider your access to lessons on the go. JamPlay offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

The iOS app works on your iPhone, iPad, and even your Apple Watch. And the Android app is available on many Android phones, or download it on your Kindle.

If you can’t download the JamPlay app, the website can still work well on your mobile device to learn anywhere.


One of the downsides of learning guitar online is that you don’t always get to meet other players. Luckily, JamPlay’s Community section is a great solution.

Use the chat room to message other players. It can be a good way to ask and answer questions as well as meet other guitar students.

If you want to talk with the teachers, there are live Q&A sessions each day. Then, you can get more specific answers, and it can give you more connection than watching videos.

And don’t forget to connect with the JamPlay community on Facebook. JamPlay posts updates and tips from their instructors. Even if you don’t log into JamPlay one day, there are still lessons for you.


A monthly subscription for JamPlay for only $19.95, which is renewable each month. That works out to about $240 a year.

For only $159.95 per year, get access to one of the toolkits, so you can also learn bass guitar. And if you want access to everything JamPlay offers, it will cost you about $299.95 for a yearly subscription.

Both the yearly and monthly memberships are much more economical than some guitar lessons. But you still get plenty of value.


If you want to save even more on your subscription, use one of JamPlay’s promo codes. Here are the ones available as of this writing.

  • 7A508817CB for 25% off the first month with a monthly subscription
  • A7ECB81ADC for 10% off all subscriptions

Of course, promotions don’t last forever, so visit JamPlay to see which ones are available for you now.

Trial Membership

If you want to do your own JamPlay review before committing, try a free trial. The trial lasts for a week, so you have time to experiment with the platform.

That will give you a taste of the different lessons available and help you determine if you learn best using the videos.

How to Use JamPlay

When you sign up for JamPlay, it will prompt you to input some information about yourself and what you want out of learning the guitar. Then, create your profile and add a photo to use when interacting with others.

Once you’re ready to go, check out the Lessons section in your account. You want to start at the beginning if you’re new to guitar or find a lesson that’s at your level.

That way, you can either start with the fundamentals of playing or skip that to avoid boring yourself. After you learn the fundamentals, then skip around to different genres and expand your experience.

Depending on your goals and interests, you could focus on the recorded lessons. Or look at the live lesson schedule to see if any of them fit into your schedule.

Our Final JamPlay Review

In our JamPlay review, we covered some of the lessons available, how the platform works, and what it costs. We think it’s one of the best websites to learn acoustic and electric guitar.

Not only can you learn guitar, but the bass too!

Plus, the variety of genres make it easy to find lessons you’ll enjoy. Learn from dozens of teachers, so you don’t have to limit yourself and your studies.

While it would be nice to see more artists on the platform, there are still learn plenty of songs. Take the new skills you acquired and learn any song you want.

Where are you on your guitar journey? Let us know in the comments!


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