Seven Rare Electric Guitars You Should Keep an Eye Out for 

 March 19, 2022

By  Cynthia Swearingen

Rare electric guitars are more than playing instruments. They come with stories, artisanship, a timeless love for music and a passion that transcends time. Just like antiques and hidden treasures, rare electric guitars are veritable artifacts, pieces of history to cherish. Some collect them, some play on them; some gather them as proofs of humanity’s attempt to reach the divine.

If you are looking for rare electric guitars, you have come to the right place. We selected a handful of such amazing pieces of jewelry and we want to present them to you with the same reverence, respect, and love with which their creators made them. Here are seven electric guitars you should keep an eye out for!

1. Heavy Metal Chopper GENE SIMMONS AXE Signature Guitar

rare electric guitars gene simmons axe

This beauty is a bass guitar for the right-handed. It comes with a mahogany body, a basswood neck, and maple back and side. The color is a solid black, but the ax shape is its main highlight as the design is concerned. The sound is lower, more solemn, perfectly matching the unicity of this guitar. You can take a closer look at it here and see if it matches your rare electric guitars dreams.

2. Epiphone Emperor VC Sunburst Archtop

rare electric guitars Epiphone

This is a vintage electric guitar but you will not notice any alteration in sound or feel. This hollow body guitar comes with an original Sunburst finish and Epiphone’s excellent artistry and sound. The single pickup with volume and tone control guarantees amazing music to please the gods. The playability is top-notch and the guitar works great with flat-wound strings. The hard-shell case is the added flair of luxury and exclusiveness this guitar brings. You can see more details about this guitar here.

3. Guild X-175 Manhattan Hollow Body

rare electric guitars Guild X-175 Manhattan

This mint Guild X-175 Manhattan packs everything Guild has to offer in terms of value, quality, aesthetics, and sound. This Guild X-175 Manhattan hollow body electric guitar in Sunburst finish is a dream came true if you want warm, smoky jazz tones.

The specs are impressive as well: laminated maple back/sides and a laminated arched spruce top; 3-piece mahogany/maple neck for stellar playability; hollow body tones; two Guild DE-1F single-coil pickups and Grover Sta-Tite tuners.

The guitar comes together with its own hard case. Learn more about the Guild X-175 Manhattan Hollow Body and enjoy the rich, jazzy tones, and the feeling you are among the superstars.

4. Ibanez AF75TDG Artcore Electric Guitar

rare electric guitars ibanez artcore

Next on our list of rare electric guitars is an Ibanez, the epitome of high-end guitars. This Ibanez AF75TDG Artcore electric guitar comes with a black finish completed and complimented by the Ivory vintage vibrato. A work of art, no doubt, the guitar is in mint condition. The AF is one of Ibanez’s most traditional full-acoustic lines.

The large, true full-hollow body and ACH pickups allow you to achieve smooth, classic tones. The guitar is for seasoned players and professionals who know that sometimes, the old way is a good way. Fit for rock and jazz, this particular Ibanez also features a mahogany body and maple top, back, and sides.

This rare guitar has been also upgraded: it now sports Seymore Duncan Seth Lover pickups instead of the Ibanez humbuckers. The pots and switches were replaced with American standard for better tones. This Ibanez Artcore represents the crossroads between the past and the future, offering you a glimpse in both of them. You can learn more about it here.

5. The Gretsch G2420 Streamliner 6 String Hollow Body

rare electric guitars gretsch streamliner

The sound of a Gretsch guitar is unmistakable. This particular guitar blends in the old school of smoky jazz tones with the new school of tonalities, offering a masterpiece in both sounds and looks. The guitar will best serve rock and jazz players (due to the floating bridge and fully hollow construction); it will help you achieve the unparalleled Gretsch sounds effortless. The two custom-wound Broad’Tron humbucking pickups are the highlight of this guitar: obtain a powerful voice in a sophisticated manner.

This is definitely one of those rare electric guitars you need to keep an eye on. It is an excellent investment with a dash of affordability on top of its beauty. Look here for more details.

6. The Hofner Verythin Semi-Hollow Body

rare electric guitars hofner verythin

If German quality, technology, and artistry you are looking for, then this has to be it! In excellent condition, the Hofner Verythin is one of the few used guitars for sale of such impeccable stance. It sports a spruce top and flame maple back and sides. The Sunburn finish and the ebony fingerboard turn this guitar into a work of art. However, this is not all. Imagine a rich, yet sweet unplugged tone that keeps its stance even when you plug the guitar.

Do not limit yourself to be just a musician, become a sculptor of sound. The Volume and Tone controls for each pickup allows you to refine the tone before the three-way pickup selector and the master Volume control come into play.

Add two Hofner diamond nickel humbuckers, a trapeze tailpiece and a Tune-O-Matic bridge to the equation and you will get one of the finest rare electric guitars available on the exclusivist market. The light pick marks on the guitar give the classic flair a vintage edge as well. You can get more details here.

7. The B. C. Rich Mockingbird Polarity Deluxe

rare electric guitars b c rich mockingbird

Besides its killer looks, the Mockingbird Polarity comes with everything you want as a stage artist: electric and acoustic sounds at your fingertips. This is not your standard electric on the mass market! The discrete knob allows you to switch between the magnetic pickups and the under-saddle piezo. You can make divine music with this guitar at all times. As design features go, blend in mahogany with flame maple and a satin finish. As sound technology is concerned, let us give it a round of applause to the semi-hollow body, the 24 jumbo frets, the 24 5/8″ scale length, the 3-way toggle, and the SOHO acoustic preamp among others.

Made by professionals for professionals, the B. C. Rich Mockingbird Polarity Deluxe will definitely set you apart from the crowd of music performers. Look here for more information and keep in mind this is a two-in-one guitar for the pros!

Before we Turn the Page…

…What were your favorite rare electric guitars in this list? Have you set your eyes on something else? Did we just give you a handful of things to think about?

Cynthia Swearingen

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